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Orangeriet 2  – work through entrepreneurship and cooperative enterprise

Orangeriet 2 is a project aimed at job seekers in five communities in the regions of Östergötland and Södermanland. The project aims to create work for the participants by forming cooperatives.

We have chosen the cooperative method as it gives participants the opportunity to partake on their own terms, and because important decisions are taken jointly in the group. Accumulated experience has shown that this approach leads to increased self-esteem of participants and thus increases chances of employment. It may be one step closer to the regular labor market or become a paid job in the cooperative.

The project has two employed mentors and 20-30 participants at each location. What is being done locally and how it is done depends on the participants’ interests and skills, as well as on local conditions. The project’s training program includes entrepreneurship and cooperative entrepreneurship, job introduction and guidance, job training, health and wellness, counseling for individuals and groups, field trips and more. A regional support group with expertise in business management, marketing, business and more exists in support of the cooperatives.

The governing body for Orangeriet 2 is Coompanion Östergötland and is financed through the European Social Fund (ESF). The project runs from November 1, 2011 and 31 June 2014.